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in cyprus recently 2-3 weeks ago (so early december) i felt like this girls heart 'jumped-out' at mine very strongly and i wasnt even looking at her. anyway after coming home ive got it in my head and wonder who it was. so i thought id ask on here if anyone knows who it could have been? 

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Shah Naqshband on Fellowship

The Imam of the Naqshbandi Order said, "طريقتنا الصحبة والخير في الجمعية - Tariqatuna as-suhbah wa 'l-khayru fi 'l- jam`iyyah" - “Our way is fellowship, and the goodness is in the gathering”.

Definition of Fellowship:

1. The companionship of individuals in a pleasant atmosphere.

2. A close association of friends sharing similar interests.

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