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A mothers heart 2 Replies

Started by Safiya Zambrano. Last reply by Safiya Zambrano May 18, 2011.

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Comment by Anbrin Masood on November 5, 2012 at 12:29am


Sister Muhtarram Petry...I could not see the youtube video..My connection is slow but sister I just read about your state....A big test indeed from Allah Subhanahuta'ala. May Allah ease your burden and give you everlasting happiness herein and hereafter... Though easy to say have patience I know it needs a lot of courage and strength to bear it all. May Allah bring your children back to you and give you peace and happiness...

You fellow sister in deen

Comment by rabya elizabeth james on November 4, 2012 at 11:43am

salaams sister safyya,, my heart bled at your story, i would be honoured if you would accept a train fare from germany where i have lived by the way!!!!!! and afford you all you need for 3 months a new life perhaps inshallah new work , i have many dreams coming to fruition and inshallah you will be a valued part of the team

Comment by Hakim A M Iqbal on January 19, 2012 at 1:20pm

assalamo alaykum ALHAMDO LILLAH its reat y great  thing to encourage public to love mothers as its very virtue to serve perents sply mother and even looking to her face gives us one makbool hajj ...masha ALLAH nice group. may ALLAH swt grace n bless us to love our mother ...

Comment by muhtarram petry on August 27, 2011 at 7:15am

Salamu aleikum to all other mothers here in the group !


i want to try to explain my problem as a mother who dont have her children at home cause the german jugendamt have stolen them from me !!!

Iam very sorry for my wrong english and i hope that you understand my words.

Maulana Sheikh Nazim my dearest ONE in my life (except Allah, normaly) had said to me that this is a german problem and its very true.

My husband died about it caus his heart was broken about it and he got a heartattack in the age of 42.

My german family dont help me and even i dont have a family any more and did not have it before.

My mother did not want me since i was born and she lives in a big house with my brother and his wife.

Since her husband died she showed me her real face and i know now that it came from her alle the bad things she did to me.

I ve asked my exhusband a morrocaine man if he can help me with my stolen children and if he could go with me to this house names jugendamt but he said to me : forget your children and you never get them back !

Maulana told me since many years that i get back my children but till today iam sitting alone in my flat with no money sometimes with no food in the house....nothing changes.


Last time when i was in cyprus i talked to Sheikh and i asked him if Allah is upsad with me and he said : No,how Allah can be upsad with her, with all the light on her face....HE loves me much and HE is testing me.......but i cant to stay in this anymore and i cant to carry it anymore any daughter get rayped from this man where they took her and she dont want to live anymore she told to her brother who lives by his grandmother from  his dead father.


It is very hard for me to see lucky motheres with their children and i know now that i came to this world only to carry the bad ....thats all.

Since 7 years iam sitting alone here in my flat and now the german gouverment want to send me to work for 1 Euro per hour and so never i can gor forward.

Sheikh Nazim told me that i have to sell and to be my own boss but with no money and no help i never got this chance. I have good ideas waht i can sell but how i can do this with no money. 


If i get only my children back it will be much better cause i will feel better.

I was mother with all my heart but in germany they stolen the children from the normal families and paid the stolers many money for it : 80 0000 Euro so the earn 160 000 Euro and for that i know now why they said to me that it never ends the story....i was by the court and the judge said that my children have to go home to me but the people from this stolen buero said to me : if you do like that what it is your right now we will come tomorrow and we will take them again and we will come with police !


I hate german systems and i hate all this curruption.


Dont now what i can do and i feel that the day will come and i flipp out ...


Salamu aleikum to all happy mothers and parents be happy that you dont live in germany !!!!

I wanted to talk to the wife of Sh. Hisham but she forgot me in lefke and i waited for nothing there in sheikhs house...........i thought that she maybe can help me with political contacts....maybe someone here nows about her and if she have political contacts....and if its only a few in the USA or Malaysia or somewhere else....



Comment by Fehmida on August 9, 2011 at 4:48pm
Mashalla thankyou for sharing. I guess when your a mother you can understand other mothers feelings. Also thats when you understand your own mother!!
Comment by Living Love on August 9, 2011 at 2:19pm
Salam. Beautiful youtube postings. Thank you for sharing them and for creating this group for Mothers. I am new to Islam, much to learn, so I enjoy reading what other mothers share here. Ramadam karim.

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