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WARAA is a maqam-level- up of taqwaa is a first level for all people and first level -maqam-for the mureed in ascetism ...saidina IBRAHIM bin AL ADHAM  went back from JERUSALEM to BASRAA to give back a date(palm fruit)..and saidinA ABOO AL YAZEED AL BASTAMI  came back from Bastam (his town) to Hamazan because he found an ant in a sugar bag which he bought it from there...

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Comment by iman hashem on February 16, 2014 at 12:47pm
SAIDINA ABOO AL YAZEED didn't want to take the ant far away from itS land so he came back to Hamazan

Shah Naqshband on Fellowship

The Imam of the Naqshbandi Order said, "طريقتنا الصحبة والخير في الجمعية - Tariqatuna as-suhbah wa 'l-khayru fi 'l- jam`iyyah" - “Our way is fellowship, and the goodness is in the gathering”.

Definition of Fellowship:

1. The companionship of individuals in a pleasant atmosphere.

2. A close association of friends sharing similar interests.

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