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"Kashf E Qaboor" the need a witness of Murshid or granted permission to do so

Assalamo alay kum ya akhi , jazak ALLAH e khairah fid darain , pl do specific to some special murid or student to share such mystic knowledge or experience as this is public place and may some one loose his life if  the khazin e makam frighten the person doing "Kashf E Qaboor" & be witness that no one allowed such practice without obtaining certain levels of Ra o Ramuz from his/her Mursheed e kamil .... hope u understand  & remove such post .... may ALLAH swt grant us forgiveness and may ALLAH swt bless us divine wisdom ... one of the most common character of sint = wali ALLAH is to be silent when experience such mystic events or such a great favor of wali ALLAH ....SECOUNDY  MOST IMPORTANT AND SAFE ONE to avoid disturbing the wali ALLAH who resting in the grave may b not present in the grave of thier own   its also insult (be adabi) even to call such wali ALLAH to wake up ...hope u understand and forgive me as i m not suppose to comment ...uplease view and go through the event of Hz Garib Nawaz sarkar Ajmer Hasan Sanjari (r.a.) when the king of India Hz.Awrang zeb r.a.  visited dargah sharif  and what happened and what reply he got .... may ALLAH swt guide us  all the way of awliya ALLAH & Ahle Bait e kiram RidwanuALLAH alay him ajmayeen.... let me share u my own experience instead giving advice in early 80 we  7  person after getting ijazat from shk visited a dargah in very thick jungle and very old grave yard say abt 750 yrs old and stayed there for 3 nights in our group 2 persons were not allowed by shk but they insisted and over ruled the order of shk , on last night at 2.30 am one white dressed come from grave yard and blow on head of those two and one got  mad and one died ......this is what happen if some one go without permission ....i again ask u   pl forgive me ......INNA LILLAHE WA INNA ILAY HE RAJE from amir

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Comment by Sheikh Amir on December 17, 2013 at 9:33am

Assalamo alay kum wr wb wm br  Muhammad Kamran  hope  in best of Iman o afiyah & peace of mind insha ALLAH ,pl read the post posted by br Nazim regarding  "Kashf e Qaboor". a day ago , i just reply him to save the innocent sufies here to know the danger things hidden in the way br Nazim shown ,pl dont ind and b patient  and then only comment as this is public open stage for sufi and the  mostly beginner  so dont think and its non of my intentions in my entire life to divert ppl from paraying ALLAH swt or connectivity to RASULULLAH saw & awliya ALLAH r.a. but its my mission of life to connect people to the divine regime of ALLAH swt or connectivity to RASULULLAH saw & awliya ALLAH r.a. so dot get angry and understand what the meaning of post when br Nazim removes that post me also remve this one , i bear witness ALLAH swt, RASULULLAH saw & awliya ALLAH r.a that i wrote this on the demand of my student who seek guidance abt the post of br.Nazim ...hope the misunderstanding ends here for sake of ALLAH swt, RASULULLAH saw & awliya ALLAH r.a. no further comments please....forgive me if u hurt


Comment by Mureede on December 17, 2013 at 7:25am


Ass'alamu alaykum wr wb,

You are right brother Sheikh is not easy at all to do something like this without permission, also to do Khulwat without order from the Murshid is very dangerous.

We hope bro Nazim understand it and remove this post.

May Allah(swt) forgive all of us and bless us bihurmatil habib bihurmatil Fatiha. Amin!!!

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