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Q) Why we SAy MAwlid un NAbi (SAW) as day for Eid ?

Q) Why we SAy MAwlid un NAbi (SAW) as  day for Eid ?

THere are 2 types of Eid . 1st type of Eid is Eid -e-Sharee and 2nd one is Eid -e-FArhat....(Eid ul Sharee is Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azhaa) that is wajib...Now Eid-e-Farhat is the Eid like Day of Friday which is mustahab....Prophet(Saw) said that Friday is the day of Eid ..Now Shahabah Answer Ya RasoullAllah (SAW) how come Friday become Eid day...He (Saw) Said It's a day when Adam (A.S) was born ...So If P (SAW) declared Birthday of Adam (A.S) as Eid day so why not Birhtday of P (Saw) 12 Rabi ul Awwal is not An Eid for us....

Also Through the Waseela Of Our P (Saw) Adam (a.s) was Forgivven by Allah (Swt).. when Haz Adam (A.S) and Haz Huwa (A.S) Nikkah WAs taking place..Haz ADam (A.S) asked about dwory and Allah (SWT) replied Oh Adam And Hawa REad 20 times Salawat on P (Saw) as Mehr in Nikkah...So we all are Born bcoz of that 20 Salawat on P (Saw) that Allah Ordered Haz Adam and Hawa (a.s) to read durring nikkah...

Al fatiha...

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