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Sultan Shaykh Muhammad sohbat of the 21st of May, 2014: Pure Love


Pure Love,
Sultan Shaykh Muhammad sohbat of the 21st of May, 2014,
Lefke - Cyprus

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r- Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad sadati Ashabi RasulAllah, madad ya mashayikhina fit- tariqati n-Naqshibandi, madad ya Abdullah Daghistani, madad ya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah, wa l-khayru fij jama'iyya.

Our Master, our Prophet is saying, Al-mar'u ma'a man ahabb. (A man will be with the one he loves.) Allah Azza wa Jalla, in Quran al-Karim, says "Qul in kuntum tuhibbun Allaha fa'ittabi'uni yuhbibkumu Llahu"(3:31). This our religion is a religion of love, based on love. Love must be real. Love must be true love. To whom can be the real love? It is for Allah Azza wa Jalla. It is for our Prophet and for awliya, also for salihin (the righteous) and for believers. Muslims are brothers and sisters. You must love your Muslim brothers/sisters as you love yourself, says the Hadith Sharif.

The Prophet, alaihi s-salam, orders as the Holy Verse says, "if you want Allah to love you, you love Allah, but in order that Allah love you, 'you must follow the way I (sas) show you.' Our Prophet described whatever should be done; he described the beautiful ways. He had described what works should be done. If you do these things then you can follow our Prophet's way, that means you are behind him. Then Allah will love you. You say "I love Allah" but then you do bad deeds. This action makes you a liar.

Humans, when there is someone they love, they do the things he/she loves. That is to say, they do worldly affairs as the person loves and likes, in order that that one should love him/her. When you love someone, if you do the things he/she doesn't love he/she will hate you, will dislike you, keep away from you. We are saying this as an example. So ff you love Allah Azza wa Jalla, if you love the Prophet, and if you want Allah to love you, you must follow Allah's Beloved servant's way, our Prophet's way. And follow Awliya and Muslims who are on his way. Do as they do.

So he (the Prophet) gives us good tidings; we will be with the one we love, inshaAllah. This will help us to recover from the pain we feel at our Sheikh Effendi's (passing away), this pain of separation (from our beloved Sheikh) is not easy, but we are believers who believe in what Allah says. Belief in what? We believe in the ghayb/the unseen. We believe in Akhirat/Afterlife. We love him.

Sheikh Effendi used to say, I am ninety years old but I remember my childhood as if it was yesterday. We are 50 or 60 years old, if we live 10 years, 20 years, 30 years more, like within a blink of an eye, by the permission of Allah, we will reunite with our Sheikh again. This thought is a comfort for us. And if we love him inshaAllah we will be with him. But as we said, do not follow your ego, but follow your Sheikh and what he says. No one should give fatwa. There shouldn't be - this is it, this is that. From now on everyone must be careful. Everyone must protect himself from the evils of the ego.

If you do like this, Allah will love you, and you will be with the ones Allah loves. Allah 'Aza wa Jalla, in the Qur'an is saying - if you are, if you love Allah, follow Prophet (sws) and Allah will love you. And Prophet (sws) said - the man who is loving him, he will be with him. If you love somebody, and this love is not rubbish love. The pure love is for whom? For Allah 'Aza wa Jall, for Prophet (sws) and for all Prophets (sws), and for awliya and sahaba - all sahaba. You can't say this one is good or bad. You don't know about this. Prophet was praising them. Don't put your opinion about this.

And for awliya - awliya means those who are beloved to Allah Jalla Jalaluhu. For Mu'min, for Muslims. Prophet (sws) in hadith said you must love for your Muslim brother as you love yourself. This is pure love, not love for dunya, not love for rubbish things. May Allah keep away this love from our heart. Many people destroy their family with rubbish love. They become like crazy and they are doing, for whom they love, they are doing what he like - not doing what he doesn't like. This is for rubbish love. You do what who (the person) in front of you likes. If you do against this, you will say - am I crazy to do this. If I do this they'll run away from me. So, for this Allah 'Aza wa Jalla said, at the time of Prophet (sws) - "in kuntum tuhibbunAllaha fattabi'uni yuhbibkumu Llah" (3:31) You must follow Me, you must do what I like. If you do this, Allah will love you. This is real love. If you find this love, it is enough for you forever.

And awliya, and Mawlana especially, he was teaching us this love. For this, we must be more careful. More careful about what we do. If they are happy with the actions we do, you will be with them. And we are believers and of course Mawlana is now making our sadness more calm. Because we are believers, he gives us good tidings. In all sohbahs he was speaking about dunya and akhira and we are believing in akhira. This is very good tiding.

In last days, he was saying I am 90 - 92 years old, but I feel I just remember my childhood It's just coming like quick. So we are also now, maybe 60 or 70 years old. Maybe we can live 10, 20, 30 years more. Also it will be coming like wind, quickly it will pass. We will meet alhamdulillah. This is what's making us calm and we're happy for this. But when you will meet inshallah you are loving them, must be real love to follow them, do not follow your ego. inshallah

Prophet (sws) said - man is with who is loving him but must be real. We cannot of course all do real love but we'll try inshallah and inshallah we'll be with them. That year or 20 years, it is quickly going. We will meet inshallah again with Mawlana. Our murids, our brothers who passed away, our mother and grandfather are together now with Mawlana. This is alhamdulillah making us calm because if we are not believers it is finished forever, we cannot see him, but no we will see him inshallah soon.


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