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Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil al-Haqqani, Sohbat of the 22nd of July, 2014: The Biggest Favour


The Biggest Favour,
Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil al-Haqqani,
Sohbat of the 22nd of July, 2014.
Lefke - Cyprus

As-salamu alaikum. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati As'habi RasulAllah, madad ya Masha'ikhina, madad ya Sheikh Abdullah Faizi d-Daghestani, madad ya Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah wa l- khayru fi jam'iyya.

There are various types of people in this world. Allah created them different but didn't grant guidance to all of them. Even those who are given guidance, who reached the right religion, run after this world. They left the way of Allah and are following the way of dunya. Allah didn't create us to follow this world. If you go after this world, you should do it for provision; in order to eat halal, to strengthen your body, for the guidance and goodness of your children, for the pleasure of Allah. But anyway Allah gives your rizq/provision to you. He gives blessings. You can manage with just little. If they're blessed a man can do with just little. His stomach will be full, he'll have a house and everything, and he will live in comfort.

All the deeds of a Muslim, the one who follows the way of Allah, are good says our Prophet. He says Muslims are astonishing, I am astonished by their condition. Allah has made all their deeds to be good. Everything they do is good for them, it becomes blessed, it becomes beautiful. Even troubles turn out to be good for them eventually. Other things that they may not like, become means for goodness. That's why, the more Muslims are on the way of Allah and try to do what He commanded, the better it is for them.

Sheikh Effendi used to say that being alive to say la ilaha illAllah once in a year is better than lying a year in the grave. Because Allah Azza wa Jalla gives its sawab/reward from His own treasures. He grants goodness then. No need to wish for a person to pass away when he is sick. There can't be such a wish for Allah. We should wish for Allah to give peace and health of faith. That's it. Though there are many sick people, Sheikh Effendi used to say that having a breath with faith is better than lying in the grave. May those sick ones be patient. When Allah gives it, when their death comes, they will go with patience, and reach goodness again.

Certainly in akhirah and in the grave reward is still given. If a man leaves teachings or good children behind him and they pray after him, it is still very useful. The goodness of it reaches the man anyway. If he makes a fountain or a mosque, or leaves something useful for Muslims, his book of deeds will be open until qiyama. Goodness will be written in it. He will have his sawab. But as we say, while a man is living, he should think about akhira as well. He should know the value of each moment. Each breath, each bite, each drop of water is sawab for Muslims. As we said, from the moment one gets up in the morning, he should make intention that everything to be for Allah. His every step will bring goodness with Allah's permission. Of course, Muslim people don't go to casinos or pubs, or any bad paths. If they go, this isn't for the pleasure of Allah. But a normal Muslim doesn't go there. Work he does, a path he walks, people he visits, everything he does brings goodness for him for pleasing Allah.

The treasures of Allah don't finish. Allah is the most generous of all and He loves generous ones. That's why, He gives these grants to His Muslim servants. That's why, you must know their value while you are alive. Don't forget everything and Allah. Always remember Allah. As you remember Allah, He remembers you. All your work will be beautiful, good. Your sawab will increase. Your book of deeds will be full.

Allah created human beings and He gave them understanding to know good from bad things. But many people, most human beings are out of the right way of Allah. Allah showed the good and right way, but people they are not accepting this. Even when they are born as Muslims and on the right way. Most of them also they leave the right way. They are thinking - "these who are not believing are better than us." And they try to do like them. And then they are ashamed, some of them, that they are Muslims. Many people are ashamed to pray, to look like Muslims. They try to imitate non-Muslim people. But Allah gave the best favours to these people. Other people they don't have this chance. Alhamdulillah we are born from Muslim fathers, Muslim mothers. Most of us, but some also Allah give hidaya/gift for many people Alhamdulillah with the baraka of Mawlana Sheikh. And this favour it is the biggest favour, good for human beings.

Prophet (saws) he was saying "I am wondering for these mu'mins. All what he does it is going for good. Everything he does Allah makes it good for him." Even he has bad accident or some illness or desires. Any bad thing happens to him, or any good thing happens to him all coming and at the end it is good for him. Allah rewarding him. Because this life it is a very short life, but mu'min every chance, Allah gives it for the mu'mins/believers. And Mawlana he was saying when you are alive and saying "La Ilaha illa Allah" is better than 1000 years underground dead. So you must take this opportunity to do the best for yourself. For your Akhira, for your life, real life.

Everything you do, you must make intention for Allah. Even if you go from your house to work, to any place. From morning you say "Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim, I intend to do all in this day for Allah." Allah will reward you for everything you do. Of course normal mu'min he is not going to go to pub or go to gambling or go to bad place. So normal, everywhere he all day until he goes to sleep Allah will reward him for what he does. For himself. And when you will sleep also make 2 rakaat and pray, make dua, read some Surah of Quran and then sleep. All night also Allah rewards you for this also. So all your life you will be insha'Allah rewarded by Allah and you become beloved person for Him. And this is what we need. What our soul, our... everything in our body - when the soul is good everything it will be good. But when your heart, your soul is not good everything it will be bad.

So Alhamdulillah Allah (awj) He gave us the chance to be alive and can do every good. So insha'Allah we are happy. We are thanking Him for this and we are praying to make us go in this way, not changing our way. And keep us away from every badness, every bad thing, every bad people. For the sake of Allah, for Ramadan and for Mawlana Sheikh.

Bi Hurmati l-Fatiha.

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