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Sultan ul Awliya Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohbat of the 20rd of March, 2001: Dark Loneliness


Dark Loneliness,
Sultan ul Awliya Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi,
Sohbat of the 20rd of March, 2001.
Lefke - Cyprus

Always, always coming good things from Allah Almighty but people running after bad things. Without stopping mercy coming, but people running under cursing like this. Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim, Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. La Hawla wa la Quwwata illa Billah Al Alyi' Al 'Azim. Madad Ya Rijal Allah, Madad Ya Sultan Al Awliya'. Madad Ya Rijal Allah, Madad Ya Sultan Al Awliya', take our hands to you O men of Allah (swt).

We are like small children always we are in need to catch hands of our parents. As a small child running to mom or dad and they are running after them to catch them. They are not at an age be free. We are not on a level that we are knowing what we are doing. Even we are reaching the age of maturity and up, but yet people now they are like mongol type children. As much as they are growing, maybe 40 years I don't think that more than this they are going to live 45 or 50, but they are on same level of understanding as they were 7 years old. If reaching to 70 years they are on same level their understanding, same! Through 7 year when 70 years.

Now people on earth, billions of people from beginning of their maturity age up to their last year of their ages, all their lives, they are on same understanding level. Never change! What is their understanding? Their feelings when they are reaching to age of maturity, what is that? Under maturity they are pure, after maturity they are opening, coming an opening to them through their physical being. Changing their looking, their hearing, their tasting, their thinking, their doings, their force, their ideas changing! But if you are looking whole people on same level. No difference between 2 persons now on earth about their thoughts, about their ideas or about their understanding. They may be educated people or graduated people, but understanding or their vision, never change. Everyone on that lowest level of life, looking there. No one asking to change or to reach another opening more than they are understanding and for understanding countless levels. But we have been imprisoned on only the level of our animal being level. But people through their physical being they are on the level of animals and their understanding same understanding of animals. No more! They may dress so many fashions clothes, expensive or cheap. They may graduate from different universities but, their understanding for life, same. Because these teachings never change their understanding. Their teachings running around through this life, animals' life clatorum/obstacles. Nothing else! May be presidents, may be minister, prime minister, may be King, Queen. May be businessmen, may be professors, may be any kind of businessmen. Never changing their understanding! And they are not running to ask any other level for understanding.

There is Holy Quran. People trying to translate Holy Quran. That it is impossible but people trying to take meanings from that last Testament, The Holy Quran. And people according to their levels giving an understanding. So many translations coming to me. I am looking, quickly I am understanding the level of those people. That they never change their levels from physical animals' level, quickly. And another translations when you are tasting, the people of animals level they never interested in another commentary from Holy Quran. They are saying "we are not accepting this, from where they are bringing?" They are not looking & seeing. Yes!

How you see? You are yet on animals' level, most preliminary level of mankind. No any understanding above that level. Whole nations now, whole people on that level, insisting also - They are saying "it is ok for us, we are not asking anything else" because they are not believing that there is another level. Because on their understanding level preventing them to look to another level and they are thinking that "it is only our level. No more any other level for understanding." Ending there. And that level of understanding so cursed. It is not suitable for the nature of man. Nature of man is above that level calling them Isti'dad/getting ready their.... real creation that granted from Allah Almighty to them, it belongs to their souls asking to move up! But they are imprisoning their souls to be with their material being on the lowest level and lowest understanding.

"And whosoever strives, he strives only for himself." (29:6) Therefore we have been offered & ordered to try to save ourselves from the prison of material being & whole Prophets (as) coming as a saviour..people, to save people from the prison of darkness of material being. But people fighting to those enlightened heavenly ones. They are fighting to them. They are saying "No! Why you are coming we are so happy with our lives! Why you are coming? Go away or we shall kill you!" Therefore understanding now, whole world people on same level. They are not understanding who they are! Because they have been occupied with their physical beings' desires, nothing else! Therefore they are saying "for what is that? No! Don't involve to our lives. We are free ones, we like to live as we like!" Even small children say to their parents "I must live my life!" Hahaha..Yalla! "You don't care for me, no! And I don't care for you.. you me, finish! No connection with you, no! You are individual through your world. I am going to live through my world also, as I like!"

Therefore people, Subhana Allah! That is negative loneliness, negative...asking to carry people through a dark loneliness. No any connections with anyone else. The most closer ones to a child their parents, they are trying to cut it to be alone. Alone that it is loneliness, asking loneliness. Therefore renting a flat, to be alone. They bring someone there, but yet he is not asking to be with that one forever, sending and maybe their connection with each other for a short time. Then everyone just thrown to their loneliness. That is a negative loneliness that destroying people through their spiritual being as well as destroying their physical beings, yes! They are alone.

We are coming alone to this life from our mother's womb, we are coming alone. Even we are living now with so many people but we are alone. When we are passing away we are in our coffin alone. When we are going to be buried in our grave, we are alone. But whom they are asking to leave their loneliness therefore the Lord of Heavens asking from the servants "Come to Me! I Am inviting you, I Am that One that I Am never leaving you alone. Go and be with My representative the Seal of Prophets, not to be alone. Jump into his (saws) ocean, but don't be... don't be as a stone that never melting, be as a cube sugar that falling in water going and melting & no more loneliness." Therefore we are, our souls running to reach the unity oceans of Allah Almighty because we are now as drops, and drops running to ocean, to be ocean. No more loneliness for them. That is endless enjoyment for everyone in positive way.

And that understanding just finished now. Whole people never understanding. Every people asking to be alone, to be number one. Alone! President is number one, but he is alone. A King is number one, but he is alone. And loneliness we have been thrown on earth lonely.. but we are suffering from loneliness. Therefore people when they are coming together their feelings changing. When going to be lonely, sadness & darkness covering them. Therefore people running to people, that's our chance. But now no more people understanding that very important point for their beings. Or for their existence through this creation.

Therefore Sayyidina Ali (as) saying "whole universe just in you." Therefore if a person reaching to that level of understanding he is never going to be lonely, no. He is with that and everything in him also. He is in all as well as all is in him. He is in all and all in him. Its understanding giving honour to mankind & opening endless horizons of understanding. He (swt), that who Allah (swt) in all, and all in Him (swt). No more sadness, no more hopeless, no more fear, no more darkness for those people who reached to the oceans of unity. A drop coming from clouds falling into sea that is becoming sea. You can't find where it is. Finish! No more loneliness. From now people just imprisoned everyone through himself, through herself, and sadness & darkness & fear just dressed one after one all over themselves. That is that is terrible crisis for people, but they are not understanding.

No understanding for people! They are not understanding about themselves. They are understanding such before 7000 years ago, common people that they are saying their and animals world just nearby, only they can't speak. You only can speak, nothing else. What we are speaking animals without speaking doing. That is the difference, nothing else. Look to an ox. Ox, should be surprised "who are you? Why you are here? You are doing what I am doing! But you are too much after.... grow for what? Writing, reading for what? Anything else you are doing more than me? What is your honour on me? Si! Subhana Allah! Subhana Hu Malik Al Mulk Dhul Jalali Wa Al Ikram, Ya Fattah! Ya Mufattih Al Abwab, Subhana Allah.

And Prophets (as) coming to open that understanding level, calling people to them,"come! In the level of animals, come & look O people! You are living basement, come & look what is on roof, come!" People saying "no, go away! Go away we are so happy here, in the basement. It is excellent place! Yes!" May Allah (swt) gives us understanding. People need, they are in need understanding and knowledege & science never giving anything, any new understanding for man. As much as technology getting more and more, developing but can't give any different understanding to mankind, same! Therefore we are in need to change our level, but technology never giving that what Allah Almighty sending, Heavenly people must come.

Therefore people mu'mins, Muslim world they are asking Mahdi (as) and Isa (as). Christian world they are hopeless now. From everyone they are asking Jesus Christ to come, preparing for arranging everything. Jewish people they are also fed up from adding money. Jewish people also they are thinking "we are fed up! Fed up! From paper money, from gold, from jewels, we must have someone else." And they are asking to be sent to them Messiah....Messiah that passed, but they are yet asking... May Allah gives us, they, you understanding. For an opening we are waiting, for the honour of the most honoured servant of Allah Almighty, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) Bi Hurmat Al Fatiha.

And now our understanding level, western countries their understanding on technology, they are understanding from new weapons, new machines, new jihaz, instruments, their whole minds on it, to find a new one. Their understanding level on that level. Oriental people they are thinking "how we can cook, a better cook tandouri?" Chapati or what is that famous food they make? Tandouri, what else...curry eh. Pakistan people also not knowing? Sitting there eh! They are saying "Turkish kitchen, saying French kitchen, O Pakistan kitchen, or Tandouri chicken, or Uzbekistan pilau or Ajamistan rice, or Turkish muhallabi, or Arabs baklawa. Oriental people for their stomach they are working, using their understanding on that purpose.

Europeans for irons, working to make new instruments from morning up to evening. From evening up to morning, they are only thinking "how we can do this, how we can do that." How newer model Mercedes, or new model princess or new model, new fashion rolls royce. New fashion planes, new fashion washing powders. Their minds just occupied for that understanding. Oriental people for their eating, true or not?

Welcome to you! Happy Birthday to me! Fatiha.

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