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Sultan ul Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi, Sohbat of the 4th of March, 1989: Whose Gathering To Attend


Whose Gathering To Attend,
Sultan ul Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi,
Sohbat of the 4th of March, 1989.
Lefke - Cyprus

The gatherings of the Qadiri zikr, The gatherings of the Mevlevi there is no objection, as they are men of dhikr; they like to chant Allah; they like to say salawats on our Prophet (SAW). They are calling to the way of Allah. What objection, there is no objection. If they call you out of this, then get scared that something may come from the Sheikh. But If we go to good people's gatherings and our Sheikh gets offended then he is an inadequate Sheikh. He is inadequate. Why did you go there? You went for Allah. So you are coming here, why should he get offended? He has no right to get offended.

The places to get offended are the ones where they deny Tariqa, who deny dhikr and chanting, who don't let you say Allah. Don't go to their gatherings even if they are scholars, Alim. They are scholars of the external; there is no benefit in their knowledge. shaytan is also an alim (scholar). shaytan has a lot of knowledge. Shall we go and sit in its gathering? There are many like it and ones who have studied. They smoke. Like a ferry's chimney the smoke is coming from their mouths and afterwards they recite verses and hadith. Allah's verses and the hadith must be
recited from a clean mouth.

Our master alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, he said "Tahhiru turuqa l-Qur'an" Clean the ways of the Quran. From where comes the Quran? From our mouth. If we have bad breath as with the smell of tobacco it is very disgusting. And the angels are coming to take from the Quran - The angels can't stand that bad smell and the Quran that the smokers are reciting won't rise. The angels can't stand this heavy odor. That's why the verses, the hadith they recite have no benefit neither for them nor for the others.

If they are the Qadiri, go to the gatherings of the Qadiri. If you are not comfortable at the Adiyaman gathering, look for Qadiri. If you feel comfortable at their gathering then carry on. If you are not content then there is no need to go. Are you understanding? If somebody gives you peace and comfort then carry on with him. You can go. Go there, come here, go there, come here. Wherever you are content then you will know that this ones gathering is good for me. Like you said there are a lot in Ankara who take lessons from Adiyaman. But don't stop. Go to their weekly gatherings or monthly gatherings. Look for them. Wherever they gather go to one of their gatherings. Wherever your heart is content, look after that.

But don't go to a smoker's gathering. Leave that from the beginning. At the gathering of smokers in any case shaytan will join because tobacco is at the very least a frivolous/ inessential thing. Malayani means, a frivolous/ inessential act. Somebody who can't stop doing inessential acts is someone who is a prisoner of his ego. Don't stay in that gathering. When you see a smoker's gathering, escape from it. There's nothing for you there. Besides, breathing the smoke of tobacco is harmful for man's body. In summer or winter, they don't see each other indoors because of the smoke. There's no blessing in this gathering. Angels also won't come. shaytan comes to that

But man is in need of sohbat, in need to listen. Man will listen. Like we need to eat, our spiritual meal is sohbat and advice. You need to join someone's gathering regularly. At least have a sincere brother and sit with him, make sohbat. Don't be alone. Find a second one. Visit the Nakshi's, visit the Qadiri's, Rafai's. But after the dhikr, after the dhikr when they start to smoke tobacco or cigarettes, don't stay in that gathering, leave them. It takes away the blessing. Keep this advice.

What will be our job? Selling goodness. When there is a customer, sell goodness. The words we are saying are Haqq/Truth. This is goodness. Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq bi hurmati I-Fatiha

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